Review: Shark Rotator Professional (NV400)

Shark Rotator Professional NV400 reviewWe have crafted this Shark Rotator NV400 review with complete research and honest benchmarks.

Are you planning to find a new replacement for your worn out vacuum cleaner? After all, this is something that you need to use on daily basis. The Shark rotator professional NV400 vacuum cleaner is an ideal choice for users who want to enjoy seamless cleaning with easy product functions. This vacuum has been designed to be portable, durable, reliable, functional, strong and the entire good thing that you can list! It certainly does fall into a very reasonable price category as well. To find out more about this product; read on this review further.So far its  the best Shark vacuum in 2017.

Highlight features of Shark Rotator Professional NV400 review

It is our moral obligation to get a vacuum cleaner that will be able to do its job well enough to keep our surroundings and as a result, the environment we live in clean and healthy. The Shark rotator professional NV400 vacuum is surely a great choice that you can make with exceptional features that makes this product a wise choice.

  • Speed

A high power motor provides it with maximum high speed which increases the efficiency of this machine to make it better in its outcomes.

  • Efficiency

The performance of this vacuum is surely very satisfying and it performs efficiently to do its job well.

  • Easy Functions

Another thing that is noticeably present in this product is easy functions that make using this product supremely very easy and smooth. The ease of using this machine definitely makes it a good and worthy choice, particularly for first time users.

  • Affordability

This machine is very affordable and falls in a cost-effective price category.Our guide of best vacuums for pet hair can be helpful for you.


  1. The functions of this vacuum are very basic which makes it very easy to use.
  2. All accessories and parts are included inside the box along with the actual product.
  3. It is very light in weight which makes it very durable as well as portable.
  4. High quality materials are used to build this vacuum that makes it very long-lasting.


  1. This vacuum is not suitable for all surface types and only performs well on certain surfaces.
  2. This product requires high maintenance and is not exactly very easy to clean it after every use.

Final overview

There are many things that make this Shark vacuum a great choice for the users. It is equipped with the latest swivel technology and is also HEPA approved. This gives you a clear cut idea that this vacuum is definitely going to be efficient enough to perform a good job. Secondly, this vacuum is strongly recommended by us to all those who are looking for a product that will assist them in minor, day-to-day cleaning tasks around the house or any other vicinity. It surely is designed to well good enough on daily basis for regular use and a high quality built also assures you that it will not need a substitution anytime soon! The functions of this machine are also very simple and basic. So all in all, with this vacuum you are not making a choice you will regret later!



Review: Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (NV352)

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum NV352 reviewThis Shark Navigator NV352 Review is reviewed briefly with proper research and honest benchmarks.

Shark Vacuum NV352 is a very innovative lift-away concept by the makers. This machine offers a lot and is definitely a good option to consider if you are planning to get a new vacuum soon. Take a look at the review below for further details about this product.So far its  the best Shark vacuum in 2017.


Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum (NV352) Review and Features

If you have been thinking of buying the Shark Navigator Lift-away vacuum BV352 model; we are totally going to back your choice. This is definitely a worthy vacuum to get your hands on that will surely be able to do its job well and serve you up right. A quick glance at the distinctive features of this vacuum surely offers you an insight into this product’s features.

  • Size & Weight

This vacuum is very light in weight and its size is very petite as well. The weight and size of the machine have been kept minimal in order to ensure that it promises maximum portability and ease of use to the users. The motor that provides power to the machine to function is capable of generating up to 1200 watts of energy. This makes it work like a giant.

  • Design

The design and outlook of this vacuum are definitely not average or like what you get with other similar machines. It is surely very attractive and designed with infinite detailing. At first glance, this vacuum is destined to leave a lasting impression on you. High quality materials are used for the construction of this product which makes it very long-lasting and durable.

  • Detachable dust container

Whilst with other vacuums you usually get dust bag that is suitable for only a few times of use and will need replacement not much sooner – this vacuum comes with a detachable dust container. It can be cleared after every use and does not require frequent replacement as well.

  • Manual steering

The handle of this product can be manually steered to almost 180-degree angle on each side. This makes cleaning even the corners easier. The basic length of the cord of this vacuum is 25 feet. However, it can be manually adjusted as per requirement as well.For more Pet Vacuums you can see our guide on best vacuums for pet hairs to buy in 2017.


  1. This vacuum is very light in weight and compact as well which makes it much portable and ease to use for the users.
  2. The operating system of this product comes with a sealed anti-allergen system that helps to keep all dust and allergic particles locked away.
  3. The cord length of this vacuum varies up to 25 feet and can be adjusted manually to suit personal preferences as well.
  4. This product comes with a user warranty for up to 5 years for free repairs and damage fixes.


There are no reported cons for this product.

Final Verdict

This Vacuum NV352 by Shark gets a thumb up from us if you need it for small, basic everyday tasks. Though it is strongly built if you are expected it to handle a lot of pressure – we might recommend that you review your buying decision.

Review : Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional with Dust-Away & 2 Microfiber Pads (NV356E)

shark navigator nv356e reviewWe have crafted this Dyson DC65 review with complete research and honest benchmarks.

When it comes to vacuuming, you will want ease of use and steering. There is no better design than a lift-away vacuum cleaner. If you want state of the art, cheap, feature-rich, impressive performance vacuum cleaner, you should get the shark navigator lift away pro. It is an exceptional Shark vacuum cleaner; you can read more about it on shark vacuum reviews. These reviews will help you know which model is suitable for your needs. Here is a comprehensive review for Shark Navigator lift away or also known as shark navigator nv356e. It is an exceptional vacuum cleaner which will suit most of your vacuuming needs. Read this shark navigator nv356e review to get a better insight into this model.So far its  the best Shark vacuum in 2017.

Technical Specifications

  • Type of cleaner: Corded
  • Filter type: HEPA filter plus anti-allergen complete seal technology
  • Cleaning system: 2-in-1 vacuum cleaning
  • Swivel steering
  • Cleaning path: 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 13.7 pounds (8 pounds without cord)
  • Lift-away technology

Design and feature

The design of this model is quite brilliant. You will like the overall color i.e. a mixture of white with red accents. The weight of the vacuum is 13.9 pounds. It may feel a bit hard to carry it around for cleaning as it does not have a self-propelling technology. The stick of the shark nv356e is durable. The bin is transparent, but it is not better than a few other models on the market. The button placement makes it easy to use for everyone. A great design feature of this shark Rocket professional is that you can separate the canister from the head. To move it around easily you can detatch the cord. It will lessen the weight, and it will only have 8 pounds left.

The accessories include Dust-Away with 2 Microfiber Pads, Dusting Brush, Pet Power Brush, 8-inch Crevice Tool, and an accessory bag. These attachments increase the overall performance of the vacuum cleaner.

Another great thing about shark navigator lift away Deluxe is that it is easy to assemble. You will not spend much time in assembling the unit. Read the manual, and you will know where to attach each part. It is the best vacuum for pet hair when it comes to design.

The dust capacity of this shark professional is 1 quart. You will not have to worry about emptying it often like the cordless shark vacuum which uses a battery and has less bin capacity. That is why, this Shark Navigator DLX is top rated vacuums among many.

One of the major features which you may not find in many other brands is the lift-away technology. With the press of a single button, you can lift the canister away and easily clean those hard to reach areas. The shark lift around features make it versatile.

Another great feature is the filtration system. Many people often complain that the vacuum does not have a good filtration which allows the allergens and dust to spread in the air. This is why, you should also look for a vacuum cleaner which has a top-quality filtration system. This Shark Professional Vacuum has a state of the art filtration system. It has an anti-allergen complete seal technology which traps the allergens. And it also has the latest HEPA filter. So, now you can capture and hold almost 99.9% dust allergens in the vacuum. If you want a shark vacuum navigator model, you should get this one. It will keep your family safe from allergens. It is also a good choice if you have pets at home.


The shark vacuum nv356e is one of the most reliable pro vacuums which have a powerful suction. You will not have to worry about picking up dirt or any other debris from the floor. It uses a suction technology which is never lost. With this technology, the vacuum cleaner ensures that it will keep on cleaning unless you press the stop button. The large motor i.e. 1200 watts power ensures that the unit keeps running without any issues. With the motorized brush roll, you can clean the carpets, and you can turn it off when cleaning the floors.

The best use of this shark navigator deluxe model is on the floors and carpets. It also has two accessories a dust away attachment and comes with two microfiber pads. Using these microfiber pads allows you to clean both floors and carpets with ease. Also, the swivel technology allows easy maneuverability. You won’t feel any difficulty steering it around.

The Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional does not mind what type of debris or dust you vacuum. With the help of the crevice tool, you can clean your entire home without any difficulty. Also, it has a long 30 feet cord. You will not have to worry about plugging to unplugging it to move around. Also, the suction power allows it to lift everything, hair, pet hair, dust, debris, nuts, bobbin pins, etc.


The vacuum may be a bit noisy as compared to other models. It is the only disadvantage which you may find with this shark navigator freestyle. The motor, which is one of the most important shark rotator parts, uses 1200 watts might not be as quiet as you expect.

Final verdict of Shark Navigator Nv356e Review

You may read a few shark rotator professional reviews or shark rocket vacuum reviews and find out the weight of the vacuum cleaner is 13 pounds. You will certainly think that it will be difficult to move around and clean with such a weight. But the thing is that when you remove the cord the weight is only 8 pounds. It is portable and easy to use. Also, the price of the vacuum cleaner is less. It is quite cost effective. The Shark Navigator Pro is an excellent vacuum cleaner. It has the excellent technology for filtering. It has a powerful motor which keeps on running and provides a good suction power for cleaning almost everything from the bare floor or the carpet. If you are looking for a vacuum cleaner for your home, you should get this shark Pro vacuum cleaner. It is a great choice for your daily household cleaning and vacuuming needs.

Review : Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501)

shark rotator nv501 reviewWe have crafted this Dyson DC65 review with complete research and honest benchmarks.

Shark is an excellent brand to buy vacuum cleaners. The manufacturer puts a lot of effort in the design and performance of these cleaners. One professional vacuum cleaner by Shark is the Shark Rotator Professional Lift-Away (NV501). It is a superior vacuum which will solve all your cleaning needs. No matter it is a carpet you need to clean or a wooden floor, this is the best choice. It is also a better choice than a few other Shark models as it has a lift-away feature. With this feature, you can lift the vacuum cleaner and use it to vacuum the walls and corners without any difficulty. Here is one of the well-researched shark rotator nv501 review for this particular model. Read it to get an idea about the features, specs, pros and cons of this model.So far its  the best Shark vacuum in 2017.

Technical Specifications

  • Type of cleaner: Corded
  • Filter type: HEPA filter plus anti-allergen complete seal technology
  • Cleaning system: 2 modes for vacuuming
  • Premium pet power brush
  • Capacity: 0.77 gallons
  • Swivel steering with LED headlights
  • Cleaning path: 9.5 inches
  • Weight: 15.8 pounds
  • Lift-away technology

Design and features

The shark rotator professional model NV501 is a very versatile vacuum cleaner. It has an excellent easy to handle design. You won’t find it hard or tough to use it. The handles are comfortable with the easy to access buttons on it. The design makes it top rated vacuums among many.

All the shark rotator parts are in a position which ensures ease of use. Below the handle is the long neck which ensures that the weight is not in the hands. The bin and the motor are below the neck. This versatile design provides better movement as compared to other models. If the weight is in the hands like most vacuum cleaners have, it becomes difficult to move it or hold it for a long time. With the weight at the bottom, you will not have any problem in handling the vacuum.

The head has a swivel above it. With the swivel steering, you can move the vacuum cleaner around without using any force. Overall the design is excellent. Another design feature is the lift-away mechanism. With this, you can easily lift the vacuum cleaner above.

The head, at last, is versatile. You can attach various brushes for different vacuuming needs. You will also find the LED lights quite interesting. It means now you can clean the floors even in the dark.

The shark rotator nv501 has the best filtration technology. Many vacuum cleaners which do not use filtration allow allergens to escape without reaching the bin. This model of shark rotator professional vacuum cleaner uses a complete anti-allergen technology + HEPA filter and two foam filters. Together the three stage filtration ensures that 99.99% allergen stay in the bin and do not escape the vacuum. So, if you want to buy a vacuum cleaner which is safe for you and your family, choose this shark navigator freestyle cleaner.


There are times when you may need to keep the lights off and vacuum the area. Many vacuum cleaners on the market do not have headlights; the Shark rotator lift away has got the LED lights which you can turn on during the low light. It is also quite handy when you are vacuuming the areas under the furniture such as under the bed or large sofas. The shark vacuum cleaner is extremely useful for vacuuming dark areas.

If you read a few shark vacuum reviews, you will find that this model has a two in one mode for cleaning: the upright mode and the lift-away mode. The upright mode is the standard mode which is versatile. The head has a canister attached to it which moves on the floor.

The lift-away mode is the one in which you can detatch the canister and attach the long suction pipe which has the head at the end. The hose length is 84 feet. You can use it to clean the upholstery, stairs and other far and hard to reach areas. This mode also allows you to reach out and clean or vacuum the ceilings and walls.

One of the best advantages you get with this shark rotator vacuum is a large dust cup. With this Shark Navigator Lift-Away Deluxe, you get a 0.7 gallons bin. It is one of the largest capacity bin as compared to many other vacuum models on the market. You can clean the entire house without opening the bin once. Read a few other shark rotator vacuum reviews to know for sure that it is one of the large capacity bins among many.

This shark navigator deluxe comes with a versatile set of brushes. You get a crevice tool, a dusting brush and also a premium pet power brush. The dusting brush is an excellent addition which you will find quite useful if you only need dusting the items around the house, all you need is to attach the dust brush and start the vacuum.

It is also a very handy vacuum for cleaning the pet hair. With the help of pet power brush, it is very easy to remove the pet hair from any surface. The unit also has a large turbo brush and a multi-angle brush. With all these accessories you will find that this is the best vacuum for pet hair.


The weight of the vacuum cleaner is 8.5 pounds, and it can be a bit difficult to use it in the lift-away mode.

Final verdict of Shark Rotator Nv501 Review

It is one of the best shark vacuum cleaners around. With all the accessories and various modes for vacuuming you will find it quite a versatile option. It also has a special brush for pet hair removal, now you do not need to buy a separate pet hair vacuum cleaner. It will save a lot of money for you making it shark nv501 best price model. The vacuum cleaner does not make much noise, and of course, the LED head lights are great. It also has a large capacity bin and a powerful suction capability. The swivel design makes it easy to use and maneuver. It is an excellent choice for home use.