Review : iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

irobot roomba 650 reviewCleaning a home with a vacuum cleaner is not an easy task. Many people find it difficult to clean the home using the handle or stick vacuum cleaners. If you are one of those people, then you should get hands on the top robotic vacuum cleaners. These are the automatic vacuum robots. Among many brands, Roomba is an excellent manufacture of these robotic vacuums. If your concern for buying the vacuum cleaner is only pet hair, then you should get iRobot Roomba 650 Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. It has excellent robot vacuum ratings among the users for removing the pet hair. It is not a casual vacuum cleaner with the handle; it has a robotic design which is quite versatile. All you need is to turn it on, and it will do the cleaning automatically. You should read a few robot vacuum reviews or Roomba vacuum reviews before you buy. This irobot roomba 650 review gives almost all the information which you need to know about this model.

Technical Specifications

  • Type: Cordless
  • Filter type: AeroVac filter
  • Navigation system: iAdapt Navigation system
  • Cleaning: 3-stage cleaning
  • Battery: Automatic recharge capability
  • Push button controls
  • Multi-purpose vacuum cleaner
  • Weighs: 7.9 pounds
  • Suction type: straight suction

Design and feature

This vacuum cleaner has a unique robotic design. It is a small unit which you will find easy to use. The base is round and is not larger than 13 inches. You can start and stop the Roomba 650 vacuum cleaning robot using the buttons on the unit. It has an easy to use interface with round labeled buttons. For better performance, you should get help from the manual. You will need to program the vacuum cleaner to work. Like other best robot vacuum cleaners, it comes with scheduling settings. You can set the time of cleaning. The good thing is that it will work even when you are not around; you just need to program it. After all, it is a robot.

Also, the size is small; you will have to use it only for pet hairs or smaller debris or dust. It will not work on heavy items. It has rubber bumpers on its sides. The rubber ensures that it does not break.

The Roomba vacuum cleaner works using iAdapt. It is a very intelligent system which scans the entire area (room) with the infrared sensors which helps to adapt in real-time navigation. The sensors on the vacuum cleaner are good; you will be glad that it will not hit the walls and clean the entire area automatically.

It is the best vacuum for pet hair which cleans in three stages. At the first stage, the brushes agitate the debris or the pet hair. The side brush cleans along the walls. The brush gathers the dust and debris from under the couches or furniture. At last, the Roomba 650 sucks the debris. The vacuum cleaner uses a straight suction mechanism which is quite powerful. At last the unit fills the bin with the junk. I robot 650 uses AeroVac filter for removing allergens. It may not be the best filter on the market, but it does the job.

A great feature is automatic charging. With a single press of a button, you can tell it to return to the dock for charging. Once you press the button, it will return to the home base and recharge when you are not using it.

Besides being the best self-vacuum robot which charges automatically, you can also use the cord to plug it into a power source.


It is a great choice for all kinds of surface. The Roomba for hardwood floors works great. It also cleans the debris or pet hair from the bare floor. As compared to other models Roomba 650 battery runs 90 minutes after 3 hours of charging.

The biggest advantage is that it does not make any noise. It will not disturb you while you do your work. It will do easily and quite clean.

The manufacturers offer a 12-month warranty which is more than enough for a vacuum cleaner such as this.


This automatic vacuum cleaner does not clean the edges or corners. As it has a circular shape, it becomes difficult to clean or suck the debris or dust from the corners. You will have to clean the corners or remove the pet hair manually. It works using straight suction which is also not good for cleaning corners.

If you want the best robot vacuum for carpet, this may not be the correct choice. The reason is that the sensors will not work well on the darker carpets. It will not work on the carpets with dark shades such as black or navy blue shades. You will find it hard to clean those areas as it goes round and not over the dark items/pigments.

The time it takes to charge the battery is too long. Three hours is a lot of time. So, you will always have to keep on recharging it when not in use.

If you read a few automatic vacuums reviews, you will find that this is not the fastest vacuum cleaners. It will take almost one hour to clean one average floor.

Final verdict of Irobot Roomba 650 Review

Besides having the ability to clean the carpets, it will not work 100% on the carpets. It has issues with dark-colored carpets. It is a lightweight robotic vacuum cleaner. It has a strong suction capability and performs well. It will clean the pet hair in no time. It is no doubt the best robot vacuum for pet hair. If you want the best budget robot vacuum cleaner or are looking for the best robot floor cleaner, the iRobot Roomba 650 is the best choice. The vacuum also comes with a lot of accessories which make it easier to use and maintain. It is the best robot vacuum cleaner when performing a robot vacuum comparison. The reason is that many other models do not have the simple push button controls or infrared sensors.