Best Shark Vacuums Reviews For Your Home Cleaning Arrangements

Looknig for some best shark vacuums 2017 these shark vacuum reviews are crafted honestly with proper research and includes all the best brands in the market.

Shark is the name of quality whenever it comes to buying vacuum cleaners. There are types like shark cordless vacuums, shark rocket professional, shark rotator professional, shark navigator lift away deluxe, shark navigator dlx and many other shark vacuums to get your attention. The vacuum cleaners presented by shark are top rated vacuums with best shark rotator parts. Shark has created innovative products with shark navigator freestyle and each of its vacuum cleaners is the best shark vacuum. These best shark vacuum cleaners are expert at cleaning hard floors and carpets. These actively pick up the pet hairs. Shark vacuum reviews indicate that these are the best vacuums for the money spent due to their quality functioning. We have created a detail of the short rotator vacuums including shark navigator deluxe to provide you with best shark vacuum cleaners. We have also considered shark rocket vacuum reviews as these shark rocket reviews are from customers who have used these products. Check out our compilation and get a shark vacuum cleaner which suits you the best.

Best Shark Vacuums

best shark vacuums

Featured Shark Vacuum Reviews

Without further ado let’s get into these best shark vacuum reviews to get your top and great one.

1) Shark Navigator Lift Away (NV356E)

Shark pro vacuum is a lightweight two in one lift away vacuum that comes with detachable canister. Shark professional is just a push button process after which its canister is moved away and it becomes easy to clean the hard to access areas. There is also a brush roll shutoff system for easily switching between bare floor and carpet cleaning. Dust away hard floor attachment is there to pick the dust and debris from bare floors. Upright feature of shark vacuum navigator is especially adept to removing dirt, dust and hairs from rugs and carpets. This vacuum performs stellar job for cleaning homes and is much easy as well. This multipurpose cleaner has notable features are swivel steering with extra-large dust cup. Among all pro vacuums this has standard looks but boasts functions like separation of canister from head that is not found in all other vacuums. This replacement of shark lift around canister in this shark navigator lift away is to facilitate cleaning of hard to access areas.  When you purchase this shark navigator nv356e, it comes with other tools including 8’’ crevice tool, pet-power brush, dust-away floor attachment, 2 microfiber pads and dusting brush with a 30ft. power cord.You can also read full Shark Navigator NV356E review here.


  • Shark navigator lift away pro is an upright vacuum cleaner that assists portable cleaning
  • This system is for trapping dust & allergens
  • Shark vacuum nv356e has mess-free dusting cup
  • There is a complete sealed system with HEPA filtration in shark nv356e


  • Fussy design
  • Questionable ergonomics/design
  • Lack of soft brush-attachment
  • Few flimsy materials
  • Motorized head is less wide i.e. 11 inch only


This shark professional vacuum earned good scores in different categories including its use on the carpet as well as its efficiency for picking up pet hairs.


Shark rotator nv501 is also a 2 in 1 lift away upright-vacuum which comes with detachable canister. When you push the button for detaching canister it lifts away the canister. After canister is removed, it becomes easy to clean hard to access areas. As per shark rotator vacuum reviews it also gives control and flexibility for cleaning around furniture. There is a dust cup in this vacuum of extra-large size. Shark rotator lift away is a versatile and powerful cleaning tool that comes with classic features. This professional vacuum cleaner easily works with its swivel steering function for accumulation of dust in its dust cup. Cleaning upholstery, stairs and other difficult and narrow areas is now possible with accuracy due to this lightweight shark product. Its functions as per shark vacuum reviews are not just bound to floor only but above floor functions are also available. Floor is your starting point. You can use the shark vacuum above floor mode for extending its scope with shark rotator parts to reach high areas, high corners, ceilings and crevices.You can also read full Shark Rotator NV501 review here.


  • This detachable feature facilitates portable cleaning function
  • It has nozzle with LED lights & advanced swiveling steering to give excellent visibility
  • Premium brush for pet power picks-up hairs & debris and deeply cleans the dander from these surfaces
  • Fully sealed system and HEPA filtration are also present for dust trapping and for capturing allergens


  • It is not ergonomically designed
  • It looks a cheap stuff
  • Cord release looks as if it is loose and even screw does not help
  • Poor lights as these are too much bright and focused and not enough diffused
  • It is not very lightweight as claimed


With a soothing and relaxing working for cleaning the home, your shark rotator professional is your working partner. Shark nv501 best price is justified by the best features and functions it offers.


Shark rocket deluxe pro is an ultra-light cleaning tooling that weight just 9 pounds. Its LED lights are powerful and it also contains a nozzle with its 2X sized dust cup. Its pet brush is motorized to give deep cleaning by holding it in a single hand. Shark rocket ultralight upright`s hard floor dust away attachment is good at picking up all size debris & dust particles from bare floors. As per shark hv322 vacuum review its hard floor dust away attachment is a tough competition for the big crumbs & debris whereas at the same time it acts delicately to the hard floor surfaces. LED lights and nozzle of this sharp vacuum are for the purpose of illuminating work areas for spotting hidden debris. Shark rocket true pet hair cleaner is a space saving vacuum and takes less space. Those who are desirous of getting lightweight cleaning vacuum for a reasonable tag of price this shark rocket pro is the highest recommended shark vacuum. Shark rocket deluxe pro reviews from customers are favorable and rate it at high stars.You can also read full Shark Rocket True HV322 review here.


  • This rocket vacuum can be easily converted to hand sac to provide a way for versatile cleaning from floor to ceiling
  • Shark rocket deluxe pro vacuum deeply cleans carpets and hard floors without any loss of power and suction
  • Using this shark rocket ultra-light vacuum cleaner you can vacuum all areas of your home whether it is floor, ceiling, furniture or stairs


  • Plastic wall-mounting hook is somewhat weak
  • It cannot stand by itself due to its very lightweight


This vacuum cleaner from shark is good in at cleaning various type surfaces for both dust and pet hairs and is good for everyday cleaning needs.


Shark rotator vacuum from Shark is a true cleaner. Both its functioning and emptying are easy to handle. For emptying it, you just need to press button at left side of canister. Shark lift away pro is the suitable home cleaner that can easily access areas that are otherwise difficult to reach. This is a two in one vacuum that is upright and portable. It is based on anti-allergens completely seal technology plus HEPA filter. It is capable of trapping 99.99 percent of allergens and dust within the vacuum. Being lightweight it is easily portable. Shark vacuum rocket is a very powerful cleaning machine that is versatile enough for multiple functions. With its brush roll, it deeply cleans carpets & gently bare flooring. Its suction technology is such that it never loses power to suck dust and allergens. It is a premium cleaner that comes with specific tools for cleaning pet hairs. Swivel steering makes it easily maneuver. Shark vacuum pet has extra capacity with its bag less dust cup.You can also read full Shark Navigator NV352 review here.


  • Shark vacuum has excellent suction power and is able to pick up minute particles
  • Narrow width enables reaching to narrow areas
  • Low profile enables its use for cleaning of lower areas like kitchen cabinets without any problem
  • Attachments work very well
  • No replacement filters needed


Cons are minor;

  • Small cord
  • Shark navigator lift-away reviews state that it requires bending down for turning on & off


This is a better choice over Shark vacuum cordless and other cordless vacuums due to its good function because it makes it fun to vacuum the whole house. Shark navigator lift away pro reviews recommend it.

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shark vacuum reviews


Shark Rotator NV 400 has powerful suction that never gets low. It is based on seal complete anti-allergen technology and is HEPA filtration product as well. Its rotator technology increases the swivel steering which makes it better for deep cleaning of carpets. Pet tools are of premium quality and cleaner is extended over floor. Shark rotator professional NV400 is an ultra-quiet and lightweight operating vacuum. With its cyclonic technology it is capable of separating dirt from air and hence prevents clogging of dirt within filter based on Shark rotator professional lift away technology. Over time, suction power remains strong. You will not experience like losing the cleaning power from first to last use. With this Shark rotator professional XL, it has becomes possible to maneuver under, around and in obstacles in the home area. cleaning will now be a fun due to this lightweight and nimble vacuum cleaner that goes upright anywhere. Shark rotator professional parts include crevice tool, dusting brush and a premium brush for pet power. It is good for cleaning surfaces like bare floors and carpets. HEPA filters are washable and are based on sealed vacuuming technology. Read the Shark NV400 manual for any queries and details.You can also read full Shark Rotator NV400 review here.



  • It very well picks up dirt and other particles
  • Small cam mister makes it easy to handle
  • Shark rotator NV400 parts amazingly work for cleaning of pet hairs and cheerios
  • Price is reasonable for the benefits offered and fully justified
  • Shark rotator professional manual is there to help you


It is loud and you would need to wear headphones while cleaning


With lightweight structure, easy maneuverability, easy use and great suctioning power, this one gets thumbs up with positive Shark rotator professional reviews.